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Events in Auckland

March 4th 2018 - ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st Philli Park-Tamati
2nd= Joe Wang and Matthew Chen
Book Prize: James Liu
1st Brena Merz
2nd Joseph Xin
3rd Charlotte Ray
Book Prize: Anthony Hu

Full results on Vega from the ACC website: March Open, March Under900.

February 18th 2018 - ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st Mathew Steadman
2nd= Euan McDougall and Felix Xie
Book Prize: Tracy Liu
1st Lucas Xiao
2nd Edward Zhan
3rd= Joseph Xin and Harrison Xiao
Book Prize: Daniel Hu

Full results on Vega from the ACC website: February Open, February Under900.

January 27th-29th 2018 - Auckland Anniversary Weekender, Auckland.

1st with 6/6: FM Ben Hague
2nd= CM Alphaeus Ang, FM Bob Smith, IM Paul Garbett, CM Allen Fan, Gino Thornton, & CM John Duneas
Under 1800: 1st CM Oliver Picken
2nd= Laurens Goormachtigh, Caroline Yan, Karl Holdo, Oliver Dai, Roy Seabrook & Stephen Peak
Under 1500: 1st Tom Fu
2nd= Sarah Yan, Jacob Barry, Philli Park-Tamati, Uday Jain, Aaron Wang, Isabelle Ning & Abraham Deng
Under 1200: 1st Kendrick Zhang
2nd Felix Xie
3rd Boyuan Zhang

More photos: See New Zealand Chess News Facebook page (no login required) for photo albums.
Full results on Vega: Anniversary Weekender
FM Ben Hague

1st FM Ben Hague

January 21st 2018 - ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.

Information from ACC's website:
Full results on Vega from Organiser's website: The ACC Junior Invitational


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